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M.Sc.S., Reg. CASLPO

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Published Author and Social Media Blogger

A few years ago, at 44 years of age, I recognized that my life was unraveling. My marriage wasn't working. I was spending a big part of my mornings in slow, frustrating work commutes. I was constantly exhausted, trying to perfectly juggle my multiple roles - mother, wife, friend, and Speech-Language Pathologist. Despite all the time and energy spent, I felt as though I was constantly failing. I sensed like I was out of solutions on how to make things better.


With every ending, comes an opportunity to begin anew...

After my marriage ended, I slowly awoke to the fact that I was lost, and that I had been lost from a very young age. In my quest to survive, to belong, to be accepted, and to be loved, I had contiually repressed my true self. In other words, I had been a chameleon, adjusting my colors to meet all expectations while ignoring my own desires to grow and challenge myself.

In my journey towards unearthing mySelf, writing became an outlet for which I could safely self-express. I remembered memories of a young girl writing songs, poems, and stories that reminded me and encouraged me to explore this creative outlet.  

In the summer 2021, I started doing something uncomfortable. I wrote about my journey in a social media blog with the intention that it might offer hope and support to others undergoing a similar healing journey. Since then, I have continued to challenge myself by stepping out of comfort into discomfort. Doing this has opened many doors, including that of co-author for which I've documented part of my journey in two separate soon-to-be- published books .


October 17, 2022

HONEST AS A MOTHER is a collection of stories on motherhood - discussing the good, the bad, and everything in between. It was created in the hopes that mothers reading it woudn't feel alone.


In my chapter Imperfect Mother, I share my journey as a woman and mother, who, like many others, lost herself while striving to execute her numerous roles perfectly. I tackle society's harmful expectations of women, which, despite slowly changing, continue to be deeply interwoven and embedded in our current collective, creating unrealistic "super mom" norms. Finally, I describe how the application of mindful self-compassion helped to release my perfectionist ways, leading to self-acceptance and self-love.

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January 2023

“I never ONCE regretted making the decision to jump. I have, however, regretted instances when I chose NOT to jump.”

Journey Home
explores my path from self-abandonment to authenticity. I describe how, at a time when my life was unraveling around me and while stuck on long work commutes on cold winter mornings, I chose to turn obstacle into opportunity despite the darkness and isolation that engulfed me. Little did I know at the time the profound impact this decision would have in altering the course of my life. It taught me valuable lessons in LETTING GO which then allowed me to do things I had never imagined possible.

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